Sunday, March 16, 2014

Devil May Cry

What Dreams May Come is a movie that has many similarities to Dante's Inferno. Now, in What Dreams May Come, the main character, Chris, dies and goes to a purgatory-like heaven place. He is inside his dream house, and meets his children again in death. Eventually, Chris's wife commits suicide and he goes through hell to find her in her new prison. Chris sees people in hell that he recognizes, much like Dante did when he went through hell. How he goes through hell to find his wife, Annie, is identical to how Dante travelled through hell to find his love, Beatrice. Not only this, but the way the heads that Chris walks over to get to Annie are very similar to Canto XIX, and how the souls in that are buried head first, just opposite of that. Also, there is mention of a blank banner similar to the one that souls in another Canto have to chase endlessly. A giant boat called "Cerberus" guards the gates to hell, much like the three headed dog mentioned in Inferno.

Symbolism of colors is also a very important part of What Dreams May Come. When Chris and Annie's children die in the beginning, a bowl of purple flowers is shown in the corner, behind one of the kids. Purple being the symbolizing color for death and mourning. Yet another show of colors is when Annie is painting a large tree, it starts out vibrant and blue, as she remembers Chris and brings pleasant emotions. However, eventually Annie finishes the painting and stops, a saddened expression making its way onto her face. She pours water all over the painting and brings the illusion of a more purple tree, drenched in rain. The tree also now gives off the impression that it's crying as well.

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