Monday, September 30, 2013

Journey Review

For the hero’s journey poster project, my group used the journey of William Turner in The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. We followed Will Turner’s entire hero’s journey, through the refusal to believe his father is a pirate, to giving himself up for the sake of Elizabeth Swann and the crew. We used black paper to signify the black sails of the black pearl, and created a treasure map with it. The treasure map was filled with pictures and paragraphs filled with the steps to Will’s journey throughout the movie. Other embellishments on the treasure map included sea monsters and a tiny pirate ship with black sails. On the empty black space left over around the map, we pasted a three dimensional medallion. The medallion we placed on the poster was a replica of the medallion in the movie that causes the most turmoil. The whole process was quite fun, and it was a great project to do.
            There were many other interesting posters with interesting heroes depicted on them. My favorite of the other groups’ posters would have to be the Nightmare Before Christmas one, following the story of Jack Skellington, the main protagonist. I partially liked it so much because I’ve loved that film to death since I was five years old, but the poster was beautiful and they tracked Jack’s journey really well. The poster had brilliant paintings all around it, and they put little embellishments around the paragraphs to make them look like the presents the people of Halloween Town had sent to the kids on Christmas. Another poster I really liked was the Tangled one, about Rapunzel’s journey. The flag in the middle was rather accurate, and the braid of Rapunzel’s hair was a rather clever touch. The group also had a pretty good presentation, even though I usually stink at paying attention to those kinds of things. I also liked the poster about Life of Pi, and the journey Pi took to get to safety after the ship sank. Although their presentation was lacking, the poster itself was cute, with all of the tiger stripes and whatnot.

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