Sunday, October 6, 2013

This is the video example of satire that I chose to analyze and critique for this post. In the video, Jon Stewart shows the audience a clip of Ted Cruz's speech on his stance on Obamacare and adds his own commentary to it. Cruz actually uses sources from things like Star Wars, Green Eggs and Ham, and even talks about tweeting a speech from Ashton Kutcher. Stewart pauses the speech multiple time to add in his own input, "informing" Cruz of his extremeness, and horrible comparisons. Stewart eventually pulls out a fake book entitled "The Bore-ax", as a parody of Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax", to further intensify the effect of his statements. "The Bore-ax" is in the second video shown after the first one, and the book has a picture of Cruz at his podium in front of the House of Congress. Eventually, in the first video, Stewart begins to refer to the whole clip as "Healthcare Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", due to the extreme amount of pop culture media references in Cruz's speech and the fact that his name is Ted. Throughout the entire video, Jon Stewart points out reasons why Ted Cruz really needs to plan out his speeches better. In fact, throughout the video, it shows how Cruz might be dumbing himself down just as Gretchen Carlson seemed to be in the video shown in class.

Jon Stewart does not play a character in his show, he just is himself and says what he thinks about the situation shown to him. Stewart uses sarcasm when he suggests items such as stuffed crust pizza, tacos made from Doritos, and Frappuccinos as the things Americans have always been interested in. Jon Stewart also uses implements of scathing humor when mentioning how Cruz has government healthcare and has nothing to lose, really. Sarcasm is also used when he says, "until the Nazi's steal my knees", poking fun at the earlier statement made by Cruz that he will keep fighting to end the possibility of affordable healthcare until he can no longer walk. Stewart also uses formal satire, addressing Ted Cruz and his speech directly multiple times within the video.

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