Thursday, September 5, 2013

To See with Eyes Unclouded by Hate

Princess Mononoke is a beautiful film with the power to make you rethink your entire way of life. Filled with gorgeous animation and brilliant writing, the main purpose of it is to reflect on what humans have done to the environment. Ashitaka, prince of a small village near the forest inhabited by a boar god, is cursed by the boar that has been driven mad by an iron bullet. His arm slowly killing him, he sets off to find where the bullet came from, and attempt to end the destruction they are creating. He finds that a woman known as Lady Eboshi has been mass producing guns and iron bullets in a place called Iron Town. Eventually in his quest, Ashitaka meets a girl named San. San was raised by the wolf goddess, Moro, and her two children, Toki and Okkoto. Together, they fight against Lady Eboshi and her followers to reclaim the forest and save the Forest Spirit from their hatred.
This picture shows San and one of her wolf brothers, telling the Shoujou to keep planting their trees and never give in to the humans. The Shoujou have been planting trees to replenish the forest of the Shishi god, however, their efforts have been in vain due to Lady Eboshi's constant actions of shooting at them to make them stop. San has hope that they will eventually defeat the humans and restore the glory of the forest and its inhabitants. This tells us to never give up on our dreams and keep going until we achieve what we set out to accomplish.
This is the music video for the song, Run Boy Run, by the band Woodkid. They're not my favorite band, but I've been recently getting into them. I personally think that through the video, they are trying to get it though to the watchers that this world is too corrupt and boring. The boy is running to the white city to bring wonder and imagination back to the city. Perhaps the city has no color yet because it has lost all feel for creativity. The boy brings Ravens and an army of strange creatures seemingly made out of wood and hay, they might be going with him to help, or they could just be figments of his imagination. Either way, it seems to point out that this world is boring, so lets make it more interesting. The city could be teaching people what to think, rather than how to think for themselves, and we don't want that, now do we? 
This is a drawing out of crayon that I did of the character Delirium from Sandman. Yeah, turns out I didn't really understand the assignment for this first post, so I'm just now adding on another picture.

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