Monday, September 9, 2013

Everyone's a Hero in Their Own Way

Heroes. We all want to be one; a hero could be someone like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi, speaking up in a nonviolent way for the sake of freedom or their people. Heroes can be police officers or firefighters, trying their best to save lives. A hero could even just be a character in a book, like maybe Batman, or Atticus Finch. Personally, I feel as though in a way, everyone is a hero. Everyone sees themselves as the main character in their own stories, and everyone faces tragedies and obstacles in their lives. A hero is someone willing to put a little good into the world and not expect anything in return; it could be saving a kitten, or something as little as bringing someone’s mail back to him or her. Heroes don’t need to be defined. I think we’re all heroes, and some just need a little push to believe that they have the potential to be revered in history books or just all in all make the world a better place. Some people may abuse their power to be great, but humans are still inherently good. 

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