Monday, November 18, 2013


In a busy marketplace on Persephone, a small boy was seen rushing through the crowds. The boy swiftly dodged people and crates, and quickly slipped into a dark alleyway. As soon as he was in, he crouched, hid his face in his hands, and waited. A woman searched and passed the alleyway, much to the boys relief. The woman called, “Milan! Milan, where are you!?”. The boy snickered behind his hand, amused by the woman’s antics. Suddenly a shadow swept over the child. 
“Just what might you be doing?” A voice came down from the shadow.
The boy looked up to see a preacher, a shepherd stood above him, looking down. The shepherd crouched down to the boy's level.
“I’m hiding from my mother,” the boy said, “she and Father are horrible and I don’t want to stay with them any longer.”
The shepherd sighed, thinking that the boy was only upset about a toy, or some selfish reason, as was the reason for most children on the planet. Persephone was a border planet closer to the core, and they got all the resources they needed for a comfortable living. He decided to ask first before judging too harshly, though.
“Why are you hiding from your mother? I’m sure she and your father love you very much.”
Milan looked up at the man with distaste, “I told them that I want to be a pilot when I grow up, but they think it’s beneath their status.”
“Well a lot of wealthy parents think that.” said the shepherd, still not fully grasping the situation. Milan looked away.
“They want me to be a companion.” 
The boy spat the word with such anger and disgust. Oh, the shepherd knew what a companion was, and what being one meant. He knew all too well. For he had met one in particular during his many travels, a beautiful woman known as Inara. Even he was almost unable to resist her professional charm, upon meeting her he had thought she was an ambassador until he was informed of otherwise. However, she was a rather well-learned woman, very respectable, and extremely wise. Companions were always thought of as higher class citizens, if his parents thought he had the talent, then it would make sense for them to want to boy to be trained as one. The shepherd thought out his next words carefully, 
“I think you’ll be a wonderful pilot,” the shepherd smiled, “you’’ll have to give me a ride in your ship someday.”

The boy froze, no one had ever believed in him before. This man who he had only just met defied all presumptions the boy had about adults before. The boy smiled for the first time since he had told his parents of his dreams. The boy stuck out his hand for a handshake,

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