Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Milan Borgia

Milan was born into a wealthy family on the planet Persephone. His parents were always rather strict with him and his younger brother, constantly hovering over them and directing their path. When Milan was about seven, he met a pilot for his father’s transport company, and instantly fell in love with spaceships. Milan would draw pictures of them, design them, and study them. At the age of 10, Milan thought it to be the time to formally inform his parents of his dreams. They did not take this well as they felt pilots were beneath them; they abruptly terminated any life he may have built up outside of his studies and home life, and took away the one thing that could have brought him true happiness: piloting. Afterwards, Milan’s parents made sure Milan was only taught high-blooded things such as fencing, academics, and proper gentlemanly things. Yet what they did not know, was that Milan was secretly learning to fly with the pilot he had met when he was younger while he was supposedly learning to play the violin. Once Milan was twelve, his parents shoved him into companion training and things went from there. Thus, Milan had to grow up quickly, and lost most of his childhood. Due to this, despite his usual mature outlook on things, Milan shows childish characteristics on occasion, being rather competitive and occasionally throwing a fit whenever he loses a game of some sort. He is known to play with cards to pass the time when piloting and takes joy in teaching other crew mates card tricks and different games.

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